If you’ve been on the prowl for a mate (or a date) lately, then the recent decision taken by governments to lockdown entire cities due to COVID-19 might have made a dent in your plans. But, there’s no need to fret, since many single and ready to mingle types are turning towards online dating platforms to make the most of their time during these harsh ‘social distancing’ times. Here are some of the ways that you can make online dating platforms work for you.

An Easy Opening Icebreaker

Whether you’re a “playa” or not, you’ve got to admit that the outbreak of the coronavirus, while being a deadly serious matter (literally), is a great icebreaker. In fact, in a time such as this, many people are using their online dating bios to ask how everyone is doing, rather than slapping on a brainy quote or sharing their life motto with the world.

Since there are many folks who turn towards online sites to meet new people since they lack the talent for “offline conversation,” the recent outbreak is a great way for them to start a conversation and get something positive out of this pandemic - an icebreaker.

Even if you can’t meet face to face at the moment, more and more people who are already on online dating platforms are starting conversations like, “How are you doing?” “Do you work from home” “Do you know anyone who has come down with the virus?” This is a good time to start a conversation even if you have to postpone a physical meet-up until later.

Go On a Video Date

I know. While this is in no way as exciting or thrilling as going on an actual date; however, the need for social distancing is no excuse for meeting new people online. This is also a great time to try out that option you’ve been putting off for the “real thing” - virtual dating. In many cities across the world, video dates are the new craze by youngsters who refuse to stay isolated per se, during the COVID-19 outbreak.

While messaging or texting each other is great, it does have its limitations by leaving a lot out of the equation (body language, a person’s voice, etc.). By going out on a vide date, two people get to know each other at a more personal level as compared to just sharing texts or email. For those who do not want to flirt with danger - go on a video date instead.

You’re Not a Hostage

You know how whenever they show a hostage on the TV or movie, they always look like s#&t. Well, we may be trapped in the confines of our home, sort of. But, that’s no excuse to show up on your virtual date wearing sweatpants or full-on hazmat gear. Seriously, corona virus doesn’t spread through your phone’s mic or camera. Thank heavens. So, unless you’re not going to be reading a ransom note on video, you might want to look your best to make that all-important first impression.

Choose the Right Dating App or Website

There’s a plethora of dating websites and apps available out there. So, there’s no need to stay loyal to the one you’re using if it hasn’t been showing you any proper results (read: matches). Video apps such as Zoom are being used by many dating apps that traditionally bring people together offline. In fact, using dating apps have been on the rise since the outbreak since people who are stuck at home with nothing else to do more likely to respond to your message or start a conversation.

While the outbreak of the coronavirus is no laughing matter and needs to be taken seriously; wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing, and only go out for supplies and groceries. Online dating apps have risen to the occasion by providing people with a much-needed escape from the invisible dread that lurks outside.