For many folks, online dating sites are a great alternative to meeting people in bars and clubs, especially since those options are closed until further notice. But, online dating can only work if done the right way, starting with your profile. Keeping that in mind, here are some of the most common mistakes that are made by newbies when making their profile on any dating site.

1. Being Too Generic

Creating a generic profile on any online dating site is bad, but being too generic means that you'll probably die alone. So, what does a generic profile look like? Go ahead and have a glance at some of the user profiles that are already on the dating website you are using. Chances are, most of those profiles follow a particular theme. For example, "a great sense of humor," "fun to be around," or "being adventurous."

Face it; there are all claims most people make when describing themselves, even on their profile. While you don't have to be extraordinary or mention how you love bungee jumping in the nude, it pays to be different. A good way of not sounding generic on your dating profile is by going for something like, "I'm taking scuba lessons," which sounds much better than the usual, "I'm adventurous."

2. Not Posting Your Own Picture

We've all been there. You think you've found someone interesting on a dating site, but their profile picture is giving you a strange feeling of Deja vu. That's because their profile picture is of Gigi Hadid. While it's totally understandable that you want to put your best foot forward and increase your chances while using dating sites, it's best to stick with your own profile picture instead.

And while we're at it, when choosing a profile picture, one mistake that many people make is opting for one that's 10 years old. While you may have been prom queen or whatever, it will only lead to many people being confused and disappointed when they finally see you. The point is, just use your real face (preferably one that's not more than a year old).

3. You're Not Compelling

Not being compelling enough in your dating profile is another major no-no if you want to meet new people online. Similar to your qualities or hobbies, the few things that you share about yourself should pique the interest of the person reading the profile. The best way to make your profile memorable and not just another run of the mill one is by tugging on those emotional strings. Tell a story, whether it's about your love for volunteering or some other passion that's close to your heart. People respond more to profiles that seem relatable.

4. You're Being Negative

Nobody likes a sourpuss – people are attracted to positivity. When crafting your profile for a dating site, try not to be critical of yourself or others. Any negativity will lower your chances of finding someone.

Being too picky can also be bad for an online dating profile, which is why you need to leave any emotional baggage out of your dating profile to increase your chances of finding a compatible match.

5. You're Not Authentic

In a world of Instagram and an endless array of camera filters, people still respond to authenticity. In other words, showing a bit of humility and being humble can go a long way even on an online dating profile. What, you don't have a driving license? Who cares (as long as you're not driving). You can't boil an egg? Whatever!

When it comes to crafting an online dating profile, it should be all about describing YOU. And while looks may attract some suitors, your identity and authenticity will always be your main selling point.